About Us

About Us

Player First Mission

Rush Street Interactive (NYSE: RSI) was founded in 2012 with the ambition to create the most fun, friendly, and fair online gaming platform in the Americas.

We exist to ignite the thrill of winning with players anytime and anywhere. We pride ourselves on creating innovative and integrated gaming experiences.

7Global Offices

Challenging The Conventional

At RSI, we're not only market leaders, but we also strive to be first-to-market with our innovations. We're building bridges between online, social, and land-based gaming businesses to create amazing, integrated experiences that keep players in the game.

800+Total Employees
23Countries with Employees
10%Headcount Growth YOY
21%Employees Promoted

A Passion for Passionate People

RSI is fueled by the people who drive our business day-in and day-out. We're dedicated to treating everyone with respect and trust. We embrace personal freedom and responsibility. We trust our team to make tough decisions - and we empower them to get stuff done. Most importantly, we like having fun along the way.

Personal Growth is Business Growth

We believe that the success of our business is directly correlated with the growth of our people. We invest significant time engaged with real conversations with our people. We help our team members set and strive for audacious personal and professional goals. As a fast-growing company in an emerging industry, every member of our team has a huge impact on defining our culture.

Top Down Transparency

We value openness and transparency in everything we do. No matter what level of seniority, every RSI Employee has real access to leadership - all the way to our CEO. We genuinely believe that open and honest communication shapes the foundation of a strong team - every opinion and fresh idea matters here.

Our Core Values


We improve continuously to achieve exceptional results. Every obstacle we face is an opportunity to innovate. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn. Resetting the benchmark for excellence drives our personal and professional growth.


We work inclusively to deliver success. Great people make great products, and when great people work together amazing things happen. We believe that real success starts with the teams behind the products and ideas.


We communicate openly, timely and truthfully. Our clarity and candor give us an edge in everything we do. Open and direct communication will always create a quicker path to optimal results and greater success.


We appreciate and respect the perspectives of others. The best ideas come from bringing diverse approaches to the most difficult problems. By pausing to hear every voice we can always learn something new.

Empowerment at Every Level

We believe that innovation begins with individuals and that truly game changing ideas can come from anyone. We don't hire smart people and tell them what to do, we ask them what to do! Our leadership is dedicated to maintaining a collaborative culture where every voice can be heard and where new ideas can take root.

Julia Mähonen

Engineering Manager

I love RSI's culture of freedom and flexibility. I have freedom to work from various locations, in office or remotely. Freedom to ask questions, make mistakes and try new approaches. For such a regulated field, the company provides good flexibility in terms of working processes and adjusting them for the teams, which helps with collaboration between teams in different time zones.

Working at RSI gives me a great sense of empowerment to make decisions and execute my ideas while being supported by wonderful and smart people. I have the opportunity to grow and learn on a daily basis which makes my job more and more challenging as well as exciting.

There are a lot of smart and helpful people in RSI with a "can-do" attitude which makes this a great place to work. Together with the freedom to choose how to solve any particular problem, it makes RSI a great place to do awesome things with awesome people.

I have seen RSI grow from a small handful of us to this vast 700+ corporation over the last 7 years. It still amazes me how we've kept our starting group and expanded from there without losing sight of who we are. There is always an opportunity to give insights, recommendations, and ideas.

The work-life balance is a great benefit at RSI. My well-being is enhanced, since I now have more time to enjoy my favorite activities.

Awards and Accreditations

RSI is consistently recognized as an exemplary employer, technological innovator, and leader in customer service. Our track record of success is a testimony to the spirit of our team and their dedication to our core values.


EGR North America

Customer Service Operator of the Year


EGR North America

Operator of the Year

EGR North America

Customer Service Operator of the Year

EGR North America

Social Gaming Operator of the Year


EGR North America

Casino Operator of the Year

EGR North America

Customer Service Operator of the Year

EGR North America

Customer Social Gaming Operator of the Year


Global Gaming Awards

Digital Operator of the Year

EGR North America

Casino Operator of the Year

EGR North America

Customer Service Operator of the Year